As facilitator of the San Diego Recovering Women’s Social Club, I am feeling called to downloadreach out and share some resources to keep us all connected in these times of uncertainty and isolation, both of which have been obstacles in my own recovery journey. Isolation is the entire reason I started the meetup – because I came to understand the absolute need for connection in recovery. I could not do this alone, and you don’t have to either.

Below you will find a list of FREE resources, such as: live, online meetings to keep you connected; online yoga for recovery to get you grounded; meditations to find your calm; exercise options to get your energy flowing; and lastly, a couple (not free) books/programs to make the best use of free time and focus on your own continued self-growth.

Meetings & Sharing Circles
InThe A free platform offering live, online 12-step and non 12-step meetings. For a great non-12 step meeting, join us for the She Recovers sharing circle on Sundays @ 9am.

She Recovers Together Daily and Nightly zoom gatherings: for security reasons, link can be found on individual event pages on meetup.

I have been practicing Taryn Strong’s (co-founder of She Recovers) online yoga for over a year and it has done so much for my healing in recovery. She also holds monthly, live sharing circles (and facilitates the She Recovers Sunday meeting listed above). Subscription is $20/month, but you can sign up for a 1-month free trial

Follow @elenabrower for videos of guided meditation and brief yet oh-so-sweet yoga practices from another yogi in recovery.

Orangetheory Fitness, a high-intensity interval training studio, is now offering daily workouts for free on their youtube channel. No equipment required – they encourage you to get creative (jars of marinara for weights, anyone?). Workouts last 30-40 minutes.

The Boxing Club San Diego is offering daily, live workouts on their instagram feed. These workouts can be accessed for 24 hours by visiting their instagram account, clicking on their story and choosing “watch live video.” No equipment required and workouts last about 60 minutes.

Insight Timer is my favorite, free meditation app. It’s where I found Sadie Barr, “yogi in recovery” whose meditations are all 12-step based, but are seriously wonderful whether you follow a program or not.

Insight Timer is also doing an amazing job offering meditations specific to the current events. A few examples:
Sending Compassion to the World During the Coronavirus Pandemic.”
Active Listening: How to Compensate for Social Distancing.”
Vitalizing Our Immune System in Response to Coronavirus.

With all of this free time, I’m sure many of us are reading more than ever before..but here are a few books/programs that have built-in exercises for healing and growth – an excellent use of a little extra time!

May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein: a 40-day program to tackle your ego and deepest fears. Includes morning and evening meditations, journalling and other activities.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron: A 16-week program designed to help you discover your inner creative. Not just for traditional “artists” – this book will help anyone to find their inner child and the joy in having fun again. No daily prompts, you read a new chapter every Sunday and have tasks to complete throughout the week. These can include journalling, collaging, vision boarding, re-organizing, baking…

You may be feeling overwhelmed, depressed, paralyzed by fear, bored, “unsupervised” – I get it, I really do. I lived in this space for years and I still visit it from time to time. All I ask is that you peruse the list above, maybe click a link or two, tuck it away for a rainy day. Don’t feel like you need to do all the things all the time; maybe try one new thing every day or every week. Eventually, we can re-build routines and find new ways to stay connected. 

If anyone has any additional resources to share, please let me know and we can get a list going. I will also do my best to start posting some of these recurring events on the meetup page. 

I am here for you and there are over 500 of us in this together. I am always available via e-mail, instagram or meetup message. Please never hesitate to reach out.
Instagram: @sandiegorecoveringwomen

2 thoughts on “resources + remedies for social distancing

  1. Hi, longtime sober in San Diego area, but somewhat internet challenged. Do I need a code number for the Women StAAying Sober meetings listed above? If not, how do I access them? Have the Zoom app and have been enjoying daily Unity Recovery meetings, but would like to go more local and AA, Thanks much.


    1. Hi Fran! Simple click the links above for each date/time whenever you are ready to attend. It’ll take you right to the meeting in your app 🙂 no code needed!


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