We did it! We really did it. Karolina and I finally got our podcast up and running, and you can listen directly here, or search for us on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and TuneIn.

episode+1v2I will also be posting the most recent episode here on my blog (in the top right corner, above Recovery Bookshelf).

So what do we talk about? Why did we start this podcast? Whenever Karolina and I got together, we found ourselves having these deep, insightful and super-connecting conversations centered around being alcohol free. We always left one another feeling inspired and rejuvenated – and finally asked aloud, “why don’t we share this with everyone else?” On our podcast, we talk about what it’s like to live alcohol-free in an alcohol-soaked world, how we got where we are and the ways in which we we’re growing and expanding every single day because of this one simple choice. Also, I say “fuck” sometimes and get really excited about weird stuff, like brunch.

Please take a listen to episodes 1 & 2 – I promise the sound quality and awkwardness gets better as we go on (well, the sound quality for sure.. haha). We’ve pre-recorded a few episodes and I am loving them more and more as we go on and can’t wait to release them all! Our “official” topics so far include Who we are, Community and we have a few in the works for travel/big events and shifting your mindset – to be released soon!

Please check it out and drop a comment below or shoot me an e-mail to let me know what you think, or if you have any recommendations on future episode topics.

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